Write Time, Write Place

Writing has always been a part of my life, usually supplementing some other endeavor: photography, conceptual art practice, academic papers, research, or my day job in academia. I have come to the realization that writing should be front and center in my life as the main endeavor itself. Writing fuses my various interests, skills, and experience with my nomadic intellectual spirit. My tendency is to engage intensively with a subject, learning all I can about it, then move on to the next thing. Writing gives me an outlet to do just that and allows me to research, explore, and communicate that experience or insight in a creative and coherent form.

This website will be a home base for my writing endeavors – a space for blogging thoughts, investigations, reflections, research, interviews and exploration of the writing process or journalism in general.

I recently spent well over a year learning to code by hand for website development. One of the things that struck me as incredibly useful and inspiring was how many developers blog about their professional experience and learning process. Through blogging, a number of web developers share their experiments, mistakes, revelations, concerns, and successes. Their blogs are a daily or weekly diary of the thinking, learning, and making that goes on behind the scenes as professionals and creatives. As someone who was trying to learn how to code on their own and who wanted to know about the profession, the sharing of knowledge, experience, resources, and insight by professional developers was enormously useful and inspirational for me. I will keep this in mind as I develop this blog and work toward becoming a published writer.

Regardless of how you arrived at this site in the webiverse, I appreciate you stopping by. More content, writing, and links to be added soon.

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